Friday, November 1, 2013


The world is changing,
Peoples' views on right and wrong are constantly rearranging.

It's upsetting to see,
Twisted versions of reality.
They think they know what's best.
But in reality there hurting the rest.

Working hard and taking responsibility,
Are now replaced with laziness and "give me, give me, give me."
"I deserve or I should get."
Without regard to the ones who are forced to pay for it.

Darkness firmly taking its grasp,
On the world and it's people, and all that won't last.
Trials apart of our everyday.
Judgement and persecution because we believe there is only one way.

One Savior, One God, One true King.
One way to Heaven thanks to Jesus' offering.

He suffered and died, carrying our sin.
And he arose from the grave, so we may share eternal life with him.

In him I claim hope and victory!
Despite the decay in the world I see.

This world has nothing eternal to offer.
My chips are all in for my creator and author.

The writer of my story,
Beginning, middle, and end.

To him be the glory, Forever,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hope for Tomorrow

He wants nothing more than to tear you down,
Crushing your spirit,
No hope to be found.

He'll bring you,
To a pit so full of grief, all you feel is undeniable defeat.
To a low you don't want to know.
To an emptiness, so alone.

No joy to be found even when you look around,
At the gifts you've been given,
All your blessings blindly hidden.

Hidden behind the sorrow that you feel.
Engulfed in guilt,
Is it possible to heal?

He is not your friend,
He doesn't want you to know,
The only peace that can heal your soul.

Trials we will go through and life's circumstances will be tough.
But remember it's okay if we're not perfect,
Because Jesus is enough.

Satan would like you to think that we are slaves to our sin.
But Jesus Christ's sacrifice can forgive us and make us whole again.

The grief that comes with a loss,
The guilt of not being enough,
Can fade if we allow Jesus,
To be the focus of our trust.

Read his word, and sing him praises.
He is a friend who loves you and is courageous.
If he loved you enough to die for your sins,
You can believe that he cares about the struggles your in.

He can give,
Peace that passes understanding,
And joy where there was sorrow.
Strength when you are weak,
And a hope for tomorrow.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Donald O'Brien
You'll find to greater father,
And no greater friend.
Than Donald O'Brien,
New residence now, Heaven.

To his wife he was a Saint,
And her biggest supporter.
Loving and selfless,
They went everywhere together.

Many years of togetherness soon came,
A date request after her basketball game.
He started off as the cute bus driver,
Living his life as a true fighter.

The strong and silent type,
A good model for everyman to be like.
Tenderness filled this man's eyes,
His sweet spirit never disguised.

You didn't have to know him long,
To know his heart and where it belonged.
He treasured his family and cared about their needs.
He encouraged their gift and their dreams.

True to his word,
Never a raised voice heard.
Often soft spoken,
Ties that bind us unbroken.

A father of 3,
The start to his Legacy.
Grandchildren and great grandchildren,
To carry on together,
Remembering and honoring,
Both now and forever.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Miss You Dad

Today we miss our Dad, but that is nothing new.
Still thankful for his unconditional love and wisdom,
And desire to see us all through.

He may not be here to give us a hug when we're down,
Or give us good advice when no solution can be found.
But his imprint on our lives is forever stamped.
We don't have to look hard to remember his wisdom shared with us in the past.

His encouragement was endless,
His sparkling blue eyes could say so many words.
Sincerity, pride, sweet spirit, and gentleness,
Were spoken without ever being heard.

Today we are sad because he is not physically here,
To hold our children or say the dinner prayer.
To open the door greeted with big hugs when we'd arrive.
Or stand at the window and wave goodbye.

Today we are thankful for the gift of our dad.
Those years were some of the best we've ever had.
Unique memories each of us have, of our special times with our dad.
And for those special moments we all are so glad.

We are thankful he chose such a beautiful wife,
To be our wonderful mother and close friend for life.

These days bring her pain, but I hope she sees,
The beauty in what has become of her love for dad.
Because of their love our lives we've had.

So today we celebrate our family and the many new lives this year has brought.
We celebrate our health and new jobs that have been taught.
Because of our parents love and prayer for our lives,
We've all been given blessings and a will to survive.

Dad's prayers for us even greater with his inside connections,
And I'm sure he's smiling at our family's growth and our desire to stay connected.

Love you dad,
Holly Beth

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I just want to thank you for all that you do.
You've been our source of advice and encouragement,
During all we're going through.

Your dedication to your patients and families,
Has helped us get through this time of uncertainties.

A selfless gift you have given.
We are so thankful you are so knowledgeable and so driven.

I pray that God will bless you for the compassion you have had.
For fighting in ________________ corner,
Helping them live and give all that they have.

Thank You Dr. Lao

I just want to thank you,
For all that you do.

You've been my father's go to guy and friend,
During all he's going through.

You have been blessed with a beautiful family of your own,
I hope they will grow to know the kindness you have shown.

The time that you had to spend away,
Has allowed my dad to live another day.

A selfless gift you have given.
We are thankful you are so knowledgeable and so driven.

I pray that God will bless you for the compassion you have had.
For fighting in his corner,
And helping us keep our dad.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Take a Deep Breath

When the heartache of today,
Keep you from living your life a certain way.


When you find that simple tasks,
Seem harder now than in the past.


When the void of someone you care for,
Leaves you longing to see them once more.


And whisper a prayer to our God, who longs to be near.
To hold you close and remind you that he'll always be here.

To mend your broken heart,
And help you live each day,
Filled with beautiful memories,
And remind you that Heaven is on it's way.